Himiway C5 review : Motorcycle Style E-bike

Himiway C5 review : Motorcycle Style E-bike

Look no further than the Himiway C5 E-bike hey guys are you looking for an electric bike that’s thrilling to ride, tackles hills with ease, and boasts unique features? This motorcycle-inspired ebike is built for adventure and packed with power.

Unboxing and First Impressions of Himiway C5

The Himiway C5 comes beautifully packaged and is easy to assemble. The reviewer highlights the sleek design, particularly the comfortable motorcycle-style seat and the cup holder (a thoughtful touch for on-the-go riders).

Power and Performance

This ebike isn’t afraid of challenges. The reviewer takes it on the infamous Tail of the Dragon, a road known for its steep climbs and sharp turns. The C5 tackles it with ease, proving its powerful motor and impressive handling. The top speed is electronically limited to 20 mph, but it can reach higher speeds downhill.

Himiway C5 review : Motorcycle Style E-bike
Himiway C5 review : Motorcycle Style E-bike
Himiway C5 review : Motorcycle Style E-bike
Himiway C5 review : Motorcycle Style E-bike
Himiway C5 review : Motorcycle Style E-bike
Himiway C5 review : Motorcycle Style E-bike
Himiway C5 review : Motorcycle Style E-bike
Himiway C5 review : Motorcycle Style E-bike
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Long-Range Capability

The reviewer puts the C5’s range to the test on the Cherohala Skyway, a scenic route with significant elevation gains. Despite climbing 3,000 feet in elevation over 10 miles, the C5 still had two bars of battery remaining at the end. This indicates a great range for extended rides.


Unique Features

The C5 boasts some features you won’t find on many other e-bikes. The reviewer highlights the innovative LED lights on the battery that illuminate with various patterns and the powerful headlight that ensures visibility during night rides. But the most surprising feature? The ease of wheelies! The C5’s design and thumb throttle make wheelies a breeze, according to the reviewer.

Himiway C5 Ebike Specifications

Battery48V 15Ah LG Lithium
Frame6061 alloy 197x12mm rear axle
Motor750w brushless gear hub
ForkKKE R150S coil spring fork, compression/rebound adjustable, 15*135mm axle, 111mm travel
Rear ShockEXA A5-RE 2525180L x 90PSI
Rear DerailleurSHIMANO ATLUS RD-M310-L 7/8 Speed
Speed28 Mph (Class 3)
BrakesTektro HD-E350
Pedal Assist0-5 levels
DisplayHimiway LCD
Charger3Ah smart charger
Range60-80 miles
SaddleMoto-style saddle
TiresKenda Himiway 20×4″ fat tires
ExtrasHeavy-duty aluminum kickstand
Recommended Rider Height5’4″ – 6’3″
Max Load330lbs
AssemblyPick-up only for full assembly and tuning
ShippingNot available

Overall Impression

The Himiway C5 Ebike stands out for its fun factor, powerful performance, and unique features. It’s a great choice for riders seeking an ebike that goes beyond just transportation – it’s an exhilarating adventure companion.


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Related FAQ’s

Is the Himiway C5 a good ebike?

The Himiway C5 is a great choice for riders seeking a fun and powerful ebike with unique features. It excels on hilly terrain and offers a long range. However, consider these factors:
Price: The price is not mentioned in this table, so research current pricing to see if it fits your budget.
Assembly: The C5 requires pick-up for assembly and tuning, which might be inconvenient for some riders.

What type of riding is the C5 best for?

The C5 is well-suited for various riding styles, including:
Off-road adventures: The fat tires and full-suspension system provide stability and traction on rough terrain.
Commuting: The long range and comfortable seat make it a good option for daily commutes.
Leisure rides: The fun factor and unique features like the LED lights make it enjoyable for casual rides.

What is the battery life of the C5?

The C5 has a 48V 15Ah LG Lithium battery with a range of 60-80 miles on a single charge. This range can vary depending on factors like rider weight, terrain, and assist level.

How fast does the C5 go?

The C5 has a top speed of 28 mph (Class 3) which is regulated electronically.

Can I ride the C5 if I’m shorter than 5’4″ or taller than 6’3″?

The recommended rider height is 5’4″ – 6’3″. However, you can adjust the seat post to find a comfortable riding position. It’s always best to try an ebike before you buy it to ensure a good fit.

Does the C5 come with a warranty?

Himiway’s warranty information is not specified here. Check their website for warranty details.

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