The GAROW DT-60 Electric Scooter Unveiled in Nepal

The GAROW DT-60 Electric Scooter Unveiled in Nepal

Discover the GAROW DT-60, the electric scooter that’s taking Nepal by storm! With its unparalleled range of up to 350 km on a single charge, advanced Matrix LED Headlight, and powerful 4000W motor, it’s the ultimate choice for eco-friendly commuting. Experience comfort with its cushioned seat and 30 liters of storage space. Pre-order now and join the green revolution.

Classic Wheels Export and Import, a pioneer in Nepal’s automotive landscape, proudly presents the GAROW DT-60, an electric scooter that’s redefining urban mobility.

Revolutionizing the Road: The GAROW DT-60 Scooter 

With over a decade of dedication to automotive excellence, Classic Wheels has once again raised the bar with the GAROW DT-60. This latest addition to their prestigious lineup is not just a scooter; it’s a testament to their legacy of innovation and unwavering customer commitment.

A Legacy of Excellence Founded over 10 years ago, Classic Wheels has become synonymous with quality and innovation. Their extensive network spans Nepal, bringing acclaimed brands like Crossfire and ItalicaMoto into the limelight and setting unprecedented standards in the industry.

The GAROW DT-60 Electric Scooter Unveiled in Nepal

Unmatched Performance Meets Cutting-Edge Design The GAROW DT-60 stands out with its impressive range, capable of covering up to 350 kilometers on a single charge. It’s designed for those who seek freedom and efficiency in their daily commute, offering three distinct riding modes to suit every preference:

  • Eco-Mode: Maximize your distance with up to 350 kilometers per charge at a gentle pace of 51 km/h.
  • Driving Mode: Find the sweet spot between range and speed with up to 280 kilometers at 60 km/h.
  • Sports Mode: Embrace performance with speeds up to 68 km/h and a range of 200 kilometers.

Key Features at a Glance:

  • Exceptional Range: Travel far and wide with up to 350 kilometers on a single charge.
  • Advanced Tech: Outfitted with a Matrix LED Headlight, LED display, and visible backlights for safety and style.
  • Peak Performance: A robust motor boasting 4000W peak power and an 18-degree climb capacity.
  • Ride in Comfort: Enjoy the ultimate seating comfort and ample storage space of 30 liters.
The GAROW DT-60 Electric Scooter Unveiled in Nepal

Pre-Order Today Experience the future of eco-friendly travel with the GAROW DT-60. Available for pre-order at select Classic Wheels showrooms across Nepal. Join the green revolution and make your mark with every mile.

Dealer NameLocationContact NumberEmailWebsite
Classic Wheels Export and Import Pvt. Ltd.+977
Soulful Motor Pvt.
Eco Exim Nepal Pvt.
Classic wheels Pokhara Pvt.
Miteri Suppliers and Developers Pvt. Ltd.Dharan, Dhankute Road025-570029
Sabitri Auto Mobile Pvt.
JBS Automobiles Pvt.
Aseeun TradeDhangadi091-590826,
Bagmati Motorcycle

FAQs for the GAROW DT-60 electric scooter

Q: What is the maximum range of the GAROW DT-60 on a single charge?

A: The GAROW DT-60 offers an exceptional range of up to 350 kilometers in Eco-Mode, ensuring you can travel long distances without frequent recharging.

Q: How long does it take to fully charge the GAROW DT-60?

A: It takes approximately 6 to 8 hours to fully charge the scooter using the fast charger provided.

Q: What are the different riding modes available on the GAROW DT-60?

A: The GAROW DT-60 features three riding modes to suit various needs
Eco-Mode for maximum range at 51 km/h,
Driving Mode for a balance of range and speed at 60 km/h,
Sports Mode for higher performance at 68 km/h.

Q: Is the GAROW DT-60 equipped with safety features?

A: Yes, safety is a priority with the GAROW DT-60. It comes with a Matrix LED Headlight, LED display, and visible backlights for enhanced visibility and safety.

Q: Can I pre-order the GAROW DT-60?

A: Absolutely! The this is available for pre-order at selected Classic Wheels Export and Import showrooms nationwide.

Q: What is the carrying capacity of the GAROW DT-60?

A: The scooter has a standard carrying capacity of 150KG, making it suitable for everyday use and light cargo.

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