The Graffiti X by Lyric Cycles
The Graffiti X by Lyric Cycles

The Graffiti X by Lyric Cycles

Hey everyone! I’ve got to tell you about my latest adventure with the Lyric Graffiti X. This isn’t just any bike; it’s like the cool, rebellious cousin of the e-bike family that refuses to play by the rules. Meet the Graffiti X by Lyric Cycles, a bike that’s turning heads and setting new standards in the electric bike world. So, let’s dive into what makes this ride so special.

Lets take a look into Graffiti X

First off, the wheels on this bad boy are something else. We’re talking 16-inch moto rims hugged by CST dual sport moto tires that are ready to tackle any terrain you throw at them. And the brakes? Oh, the brakes! We’ve got the Magura MT5s – these four-piston wonders paired with a 203 mm rotor make stopping on a dime feel like child’s play.

Power and Performance The Graffiti X isn’t your average e-bike. It’s a powerhouse on two wheels, boasting a robust 3,000-watt rear hub motor that’s 500 watts stronger than its predecessor. This motor isn’t just about raw power; it’s about the freedom to choose your adventure. With multiple power modes, you can cruise the streets at a comfortable 750 watts or unleash the full 3,000 watts for off-road excitement.

The Graffiti X by Lyric Cycles

Speed and Agility In off-road mode, the Graffiti X can hit an exhilarating 45 miles per hour, giving you the rush of wind and speed that’s hard to find elsewhere. It’s not just fast; it’s also agile, with a design that’s perfect for those who love the style of scrambler-style e-bikes.

Battery Life The Graffiti X is equipped with a high-capacity Samsung 21700 cell 60-volt, 35-amp-hour battery pack. Depending on your chosen ride mode, you can enjoy up to 70 miles on-road or 40 miles off-road on a single charge. That means more time riding and less time charging.

The motor’s where the magic happens. In legal mode, it’s a respectable 750 watts, but flip it to unlimited mode, and you unleash the full 3000 watts of raw power. We’re talking zero to ‘holy moly’ in seconds, with a top speed that’ll make your heart race.

The Graffiti X by Lyric Cycles

Safety and Comfort Safety is a priority with the Graffiti X. It features front and rear hydraulic brakes from Magura for reliable stopping power. The bike also includes a powerful 6,000-lumen LED light for visibility, along with brake lights, tail lights, and even turn signals. And let’s not forget the comfort – the handmade seats ensure a comfortable ride, no matter how long or short your journey is.

Stylish Design The Graffiti X stands out with its minimalist, rugged styling that blurs the lines between e-bike and moped. It’s a statement piece that says you value both style and substance.

But wait, there’s more. The regenerative braking system is like having a superpower at your fingertips. A gentle tap and you can feel the bike slowing down, all while giving some juice back to the battery. It’s like the bike’s way of saying, “I got you.

And the drivetrain? Pure silence. The belt drive system is like the ninja of the bike world – strong, stealthy, and requires zero fuss. Plus, the dual rear spring suspension from DNM? It’s like riding on a cloud, even when the road gets rough.

The Graffiti X by Lyric Cycles

The seat’s a dream, too. It’s got this moped-style vibe that’s all about comfort, whether you’re flying solo or bringing a friend along for the ride.

So, I took the Graffiti X out for a spin, and let me tell you, it’s a whole new level of fun. The pedal assist has nine levels, which means you can cruise or go full beast mode whenever you want. And the regen braking? It’s not just cool; it’s practical, saving your brakes and the environment one ride at a time.

summarizing the pros and cons of the Lyric Graffiti X


Powerful Motor: 3,000 watts rated, with a peak of 7,200 watts, offering exhilarating speeds.Weight: The battery pack is heavy at 24 lbs, which may be cumbersome for some users.
High-Speed Capability: Can reach up to 45 mph in unlimited mode, providing an exciting ride.Price: At $3,999 USD, it may be considered expensive for budget-conscious riders.
Long Battery Life: Up to 70 miles on-road or 40 miles off-road on a single charge.Complexity: The high-tech features may be overwhelming for non-tech-savvy users.
Regenerative Braking: Enhances battery life and reduces wear on the braking system.Maintenance: Belt drives, while quiet and smooth, may require specialized maintenance.
Quiet Belt Drive: Reduces noise and maintenance compared to chain systems.Size: The bike’s robust build may not be suitable for smaller riders or those with limited storage space.
Advanced Lighting System: Includes a 6000-lumen headlight and integrated turn signals for safety.Learning Curve: The various modes and controls may take time to master.
Comfortable Seating: Moped-style seat accommodates riders of different sizes and heights.Regen Sensitivity: The regen braking system may require getting used to for precise control.
Dual Suspension: Ensures a smooth ride even on rough terrain.Availability: As a new model, it may not be immediately available in all regions.
Safety Features: Equipped with Magura 4-piston hydraulic disc brakes for reliable stopping power.Legal Restrictions: The bike’s power may exceed legal limits for e-bikes in some areas, restricting its use.

here are some FAQs

Tell me more about the battery technology?

Samsung’s 21700 batteries, such as the ones used in the Graffiti X, utilize high-capacity Samsung 21700 cells with a 60-volt, 35-amp-hour battery pack. This allows for impressive performance, such as up to 70 miles on-road or 40 miles off-road on a single charge, depending on the ride mode. The cells are designed to deliver consistent power and are built to last, with a focus on safety and reliability.

 What makes the Lyric Graffiti X stand out from other e-bikes?

The Lyric Graffiti X stands out due to its powerful 3,000-watt motor45 mph top speed, and 70-mile range. It also features 16-inch moto rimsCST dual sport moto tires, and Magura MT5 brakes for superior control and performance.

Can the Graffiti X handle off-road conditions?

Absolutely! With its robust tires and powerful motor, the Graffiti X is designed for both on-road and off-road adventures, offering a thrilling ride no matter the terrain.

How comfortable is the Graffiti X for long rides?

The Graffiti X features a comfortable, moped-style seat and dual rear spring suspension, ensuring a smooth and comfortable ride, even on longer journeys.

Can I bring a passenger on the Graffiti X?

Yes, the bike includes integrated rear pegs and a long seat to accommodate a passenger, making it a versatile option for duo rides.

Pricing:- The Graffiti X is attractively priced at $3,999 USD, offering incredible value for a bike of this caliber. 


In short, the Lyric Graffiti X isn’t just an e-bike; it’s a statement. It’s for those who want to feel the road, own the night, and do it all with a style that’s impossible to ignore. So, if you’re ready to ride like never before, this is the bike for you. Let’s hit the road and make some noise.

The Lyric Graffiti X is an electric bike that defies convention with its powerful performance and stylish design. It’s equipped with 16-inch moto rimsCST dual sport moto tires, and Magura MT5 brakes for unmatched control. The bike boasts a 3,000-watt motor for speeds up to 45 mph and features a Samsung 21700 cell battery for long rides. Safety is enhanced with hydraulic brakes and a 6,000-lumen LED light. The belt drive system offers a silent ride, while the dual rear spring suspension ensures comfort. With nine levels of pedal assist and regenerative braking, the Graffiti X is perfect for eco-friendly adventurers.

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