New Electric Cars That Are Coming Soon in 2024

New Electric Cars That Are Coming Soon in 2024

Guys do you want to have a huge discount on your monthly gas bill In today’s rapidly evolving automotive industry, electric cars are at the forefront of innovation and sustainability. Enthusiasts and eco-conscious consumers eagerly anticipate the arrival of new electric cars (EVs) that promise cutting-edge technology and enhanced driving experiences. This comprehensive guide explores the upcoming models, highlighting their features, benefits, and anticipated release dates.

Electrifying Performance and Style of new electric cars

Electric cars are revolutionizing the automotive landscape with their sleek designs and impressive performance capabilities. Manufacturers are continually pushing the boundaries of EV technology to deliver vehicles that offer both sustainability and exhilarating driving experiences. Let’s delve into the upcoming electric cars that are generating buzz in the industry.

1. KIA ev5 

New Electric Cars That Are Coming Soon in 2024

KIA is going all in with a variety of new electric SUVs being offered including this new Kia ev5 midsize SUV according to Kia it’s it’s being built on the platform and will offer these options cheaper 64 KW battery and the long range 88 Kw battery a dual motor option offers 308 horsepower

with a 400 mile range while the next upgrade will offer you almost 450 mile range inside the ev5 boasts Dual 12.3 in screens and minimal buttons just like most new EVS now it offers a versatile cabin with fold flat rear seats recycled pet plastic IC and plant-based leather materials some of the extra new features include a heat pump and surprisingly massaging seats

price range: for this price being offered at just $40,000 starting price the ev5 is a very solid competitor in this segment for the upcoming couple years.

2. Honda prologue 

New Electric Cars That Are Coming Soon in 2024

Honda is finally entering the electric cars arena with a competitive Honda prologue compact SUV it’s set to hit the US and Canada markets very soon in multiple trims ex touring and elite under the hood Honda offers both single and dual motor setups thanks to its partnership with GM and their proprietary lithium Battery Technology the dual motor version of the new prolog boasts 288 horsepower

and on the battery front an 85 KW pack is standard you should expect about 300 M of range for the front-wheel drive model and about 280 Mi for the all-wheel drive version the 2024 PR log can WRA rapidly charge at 155 KW on a DC fast charger Honda is keeping the interior classy and premium for its first ever decent mass production electric vehicle inside Honda’s gone for a clean minimalist look and design it’ll have leather seats and a 12s speaker Bose system on top of all Honda Safety packages.

Price range: new prolog’s price is going to start at around $48,000.

3. Fisker pear

New Electric Cars That Are Coming Soon in 2024

FIS newest Fisker pear aims to be a budget friendly electric car option that doesn’t skimp on features and unique style Fisker pair will offer trim levels like sport Ultra extreme and a special edition one trim each offering more features and range than the last

as for the powertrain the pair is to offer both rear wheel and all-wheel drive variants fisker’s recent claim of a 6.3 second 0 to 60 MPH time suggests that the all-wheel drive model will likely have a dual motor setup the vehicle is expected to offer two battery pack options potentially providing ranges of 180 to 320 m per charge inside the pair might end up offering seating for up to six with an optional front bench seat there are some notable features like a drawer style front trunk and a power retractable rear cargo door that are game changers.

Price range: this budget friendly electric car starting price of around $29,000.


4. 2024 Polestar 3

New Electric Cars That Are Coming Soon in 2024

this is the first electric car SUV and Third vehicle in the polestar lineup it will launch with a dual motor setup and a large battery with a target range of more than 372 Mi this beautiful SUV is expertly engineered to minimize body roll and achieve a dynamic and balanced drive it will come with a modern electronic all-wheel drive system that seamlessly responds to road conditions the long range dual motor setup set up an additional performance pack tune the powertrain for higher responsiveness

it will have up to 517 horsepower while its torque is about 910 when making this new EV polestar wanted you to know it’s a high-end luxurious vehicle comparable with the top-end brands polestar confirmed that its battery can go from 10 to 80% when charged for just 30 minutes once completely charged the standard polestar 3 Model delivers about 300 Mi of driving it goes on sale in early 2024.

Price range: this electric car SUV will start at around $84,000.

5. 2024 Kia EV3

New Electric Cars That Are Coming Soon in 2024

Kia is Making Waves by expanding its electric car lineup with the all new Kia EV3 it’s small and compact the Kia EV3 is the one to stand out and become the most affordable electric vehicle in its lineup it takes Q’s from its bigger siblings the ev4 and ev5 but has a flare of its own it comes with cool 4 spoke wheels and a design that’s easy on the eyes the EV3 is pretty small and has a rugged look the unique trim around the wheels adds an edgy touch inside it’s futuristic with a new dashboard

that has some Nifty screens and a unique air system that replaces old vents Kia is eager to grow in the Electric market so everyone expects so much more from this small EV.

Price range: the starting price for the Kia EV3 is expected to be around $30,000.

6. 2024 Volvo ex30

New Electric Cars That Are Coming Soon in 2024

Volvo is stepping up its electric car lineup with this all new ex30 compact SUV set to hit the US market very soon the ex30 single motor variant comes with 268 horsepower a panoramic sunroof and 19in wheels you trade a bit of speed for more range compared to the faster dual motor version speaking of speed the single motor variant clocks 0 to 60 mph in 5 seconds the Dual Motor Performance model IS F faster hitting 60 mph in just 3.4 seconds with 422 horsepower range wise

the ex30 64 Kw battery offers up to 275 M for rear wheel drive versions for fast charging it supports up to 153 KW allowing a 10 to 80% charge in less than 30 minutes inside the SUV is eco-friendly featuring recycled denim flax and polyester materials the design is minimalist aligning with Volvo Scandinavian Roots its unique Square design of the steering wheel delivers a sporty grip.

Price range: ex30 will be starting at $36,000.

7. Toyota bz 5x

New Electric Cars That Are Coming Soon in 2024

Toyota is going to change the game with its all new bz 5x electric cars SUV that has three rows of seating it should serve as the electric counterpart to Toyota’s gas-powered Highlander the vehicle will feature solid State batteries and a dual motor all-wheel drive electric drivetrain the bz 5x will be part of Toyota’s larger strategy to launch more new EVS by the end of this decade the Toyota bz 5x is being introduced in XLE and limited trims mirroring the bz 4X lineup given

this vehicle size it’s expected to feature a dual motor all-wheel drive setup as standard however the bz 5x will likely become a significant part of Toyota’s push into the electric vehicle Market considering its size and the attention to Advanced Technologies like potential solid state batteries

Price range: Toyota SUV is estimated to be a little over $50,000.

8. Volkswagen id7

New Electric Cars That Are Coming Soon in 2024

Volkswagen’s latest electric sedan the id7 is set to bridge the gap between the smaller ID models and the larger family SUV of which Volkswagen has an abundance the id7 will have a single motor model with a 77 KW battery pack offering just under 300 M of range a bigger 86 Kow battery version will be added later next year likely for the dual motor model it’ll speed up to 60 mph in under 5 Seconds inside it’s a roomy and luxurious sedan with a smart design and top-notch build quality

Volkswagen designed special air vents that use electric motors to spread air evenly there’s also a big glass rooftop that can go from clear to opaque the id7 could just end up replacing the Volkswagen Passad if the ladder is discontinued the new electric sedan will have lots of cargo space thanks to a liftback design just like Audi A5 it’s a very spacious fast and advanced new Sedan in the electric car market.

Price range: this electric car starting price at $55,000.

9. 2024 Kia ev4

New Electric Cars That Are Coming Soon in 2024

expansion of Kia’s electric lineup can’t be complete without without the new Kia ev4 sedan that’s challenging the very definition of the term sedan it’s not your regular four-door vehicle because the ev4 strikes a balance between a sedan and a hatchback it truly has a unique design but looking from another perspective you’ll see some similarities with Toyota’s new Crown sedan hatchback the e4’s front slopes forward and its windshield is angled for aerodynamics but the rear end steals the show inside it’s all about space the new dashboard is neat and clean

and things like climate controls hide when not in use the pin style air vents also seen in the EV3 are a bold Innovative Touch by the Korean car manufacturer with the promise of 300 M range.

Price range: e4s Kia is going to bring a worthy new electric car for $35,000.


10. 2024 Volvo ex90

New Electric Cars That Are Coming Soon in 2024

he Swedish Auto brand that’s now owned by a Chinese Auto Group has revealed its new and updated electric car 2024 Volvo ex90 it’s equipped with a 111 KW battery which is much bigger than the 78 Kw of other comparable SUVs its battery capacity coupled with its twin motor all-wheel drive allow this Volvo SUV to offer a range of about 300 mil one should also expect it to charge from 10 to 80% in 30 minutes the 2024 ex90 rides on a new and improved EV specific platform which allows it to offer more interior space than most of its competitors

Volvo is going all out when it comes to the safety technology of this vehicle this technology can accurately determine if you’re driving while tired or distracted it also features a 14.5 in infotainment display with integrated Google Maps and Google Assistant while using your smartphone as a key ex90 comes with Dolby Atmos sound via a 25 speaker Bowers and Wilkin setup.

Price range: the starting price for this electric car SUV is around $80,000.

11. Fisker ocean

New Electric Cars That Are Coming Soon in 2024

the new and upgraded Fisker ocean is an all El electric SUV compatible with battery swapping technology to eliminate wasting time at evv charging stations its battery size ranges from 70 to 100 KW hours and offers a driving range of about 275 to 440 Mi it’s expected to offer a fast DC charge speed of 250 k it delivers a driving range of up to 360 m per charge additionally

it features a dual motor and an all-wheel drive layout with a 17.1 in screen it’s built on a specially made platform developed by Fisker itself it has a sleek and attractive exterior that most people can’t ignore when they look at it plenty of recycled materials are used in its insides and the brand focuses on sustainability while designing Fisker ocean it also features an intuitive and efficient infotainment system.

Price range: this electric car SUV the starting price of the top trim Fisker ocean is about $69,000. but the base trim is much less starting at $37,500

12. 2024 Kia ev9

New Electric Cars That Are Coming Soon in 2024

Kia’s all new 7- seater electric car SUV is very refreshing and cool you’ll be shocked how good the new Kia ev9 is because it offers the best value with all-wheel drive 379 horsepower and luxury touches like heated seats and captain’s chair in the second row for such a low price performance varies across the range of the ev9 trims for example the basic light model has a single motor with 215 horsepower and an estimated range of 230 M the dual motor versions are more powerful and faster reaching 62 mph in just 5.3 seconds Kia’s fast charging can add 149 M of range in just 15 minutes inside

the ev9 is spacious offering options for six or seven seats the third row seats are power folding in the upper trims storage space is ample with up to 82 cubic feet of cargo room when the second and third rows are flat the seats offer mixed Comfort but higher trims come with heated ventilated and even massaging features.

Price range: prices for this electric car base model Kia ev9 start at $57,000 and go all the way up to $75,900 for this the AWD version.

Charging into the Future: Infrastructure Expansion

As the demand for electric vehicles continues to rise, the expansion of charging infrastructure plays a crucial role in facilitating widespread adoption. Manufacturers and governments alike are investing in charging networks to alleviate range anxiety and promote the transition to electric mobility. Here’s a glimpse of the initiatives shaping the future of EV charging:

Fast-Charging Networks

Leading EV(electric cars) manufacturers are collaborating to establish fast-charging networks along major highways and urban centers. These high-power charging stations enable EV drivers to recharge their vehicles quickly and conveniently, making long-distance travel more feasible and accessible.

Home Charging Solutions

In addition to public charging infrastructure, home charging solutions provide EV owners with the convenience of charging their vehicles overnight. Residential charging stations, coupled with smart grid technology, allow consumers to take advantage of off-peak electricity rates and minimize their environmental footprint.

Government Incentives

Governments worldwide are implementing incentives to encourage the adoption of electric vehicles and support the development of charging infrastructure. Tax credits, rebates, and grants incentivize consumers to purchase electric cars while funding initiatives to expand public charging networks and accelerate the transition to sustainable transportation.

Are electric cars more expensive to maintain than traditional vehicles?

Electric cars typically have lower maintenance costs compared to internal combustion engine vehicles. With fewer moving parts and no oil changes required, EV owners can save money on routine maintenance over the lifespan of the vehicle.

How long does it take to charge an electric car?

The charging time for an electric car depends on several factors, including the vehicle’s battery capacity and the charging station’s power output. Fast-charging stations can replenish a significant portion of the battery’s capacity in as little as 30 minutes, while standard home chargers may take several hours for a full charge.

Can electric cars be charged at home?

Yes, electric cars can be charged at home using a standard wall outlet or a dedicated home charging station. Home charging provides the convenience of overnight charging, ensuring that the vehicle is ready for daily use without relying solely on public charging infrastructure.

What is the driving range of electric cars?

The driving range of electric cars varies depending on the vehicle model and battery size. Modern electric vehicles offer ranges that can exceed 200 miles on a single charge, with some high-end models surpassing 300 miles. Advances in battery technology continue to extend the driving range of electric cars, making them increasingly practical for everyday use.

Are electric cars environmentally friendly?

Electric cars produce zero tailpipe emissions, making them environmentally friendly alternatives to traditional gasoline-powered vehicles. By reducing reliance on fossil fuels, electric cars help mitigate air pollution and combat climate change. Additionally, the use of renewable energy sources for charging further enhances their environmental credentials.

What incentives are available for purchasing an electric car?

Many governments offer incentives to promote the adoption of electric vehicles, including tax credits, rebates, and reduced registration fees. These incentives vary by region and are designed to make electric cars more affordable and accessible to consumers.

When will these new electric cars be available for purchase?

Release dates range throughout the year, with some already available and others coming later in 2024.

How many new electric cars are expected to be released in 2024?

Estimates vary, but over 70 new electric car models are anticipated globally.


The future of transportation is electric, with innovative new models set to revolutionize the automotive industry. From sleek electric SUVs to versatile crossovers, the upcoming electric cars offer unparalleled performance, style, and sustainability. As charging infrastructure continues to expand and government incentives incentivize adoption, electric vehicles are poised to reshape the way we drive and pave the way for a greener, more sustainable future.

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