Radio Flyer Via Electric Cargo Bike: Perfect for Family Adventures

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Looking for an electric bike that can handle the whole family and all your cargo

Look no further than the Radio Flyer Flyer Via! This longtail cargo ebike boasts a massive 150 lb capacity rear rack and a powerful 500-watt motor, making it perfect for errands, commutes, or adventures with the kids.

Here’s what makes the Flyer Via so great:

  • Impressive Range: Ride up to 50 miles on a single charge (expect a bit less with cargo or hills).
  • Supersize Cargo Capacity: Haul up to 400 lbs of total weight, including riders and cargo.
  • Ultra-Long Rear Rack: This 26-inch rack is perfect for carrying groceries, sports equipment, or even your kids (with additional accessories).
  • Comfortable Ride: Enjoy an upright seated position, ergonomic grips, and a redesigned fork for a smooth ride.
  • Powerful and Responsive: The torque sensor provides smooth electric assist that adapts to your pedaling, while the 7-speed gear shift offers additional control on hills.
  • Safe Stopping: Hydraulic disc brakes ensure confident stopping power, even when loaded down.
  • Lots of Accessories: Choose from a variety of cargo carriers, tote bags, and even a front basket to customize your Flyer Via for your needs.

A Few Things to Consider:

  • Saddle Comfort: While not uncomfortable, some riders might prefer a wider saddle for long rides with cargo.
  • Limited Suspension: The Flyer Via lacks front suspension, which might be a concern for frequent off-road riders. Consider a suspension seat post for added comfort.
  • Size and Storage: At 76 inches long, the Flyer Via might require extra storage space. Consider if it will fit in your car for transport.

Radio Flyer Flyer Via Cargo Ebike: Pros & Cons

RangeUp to 50 miles on a single chargeMay be less with cargo or hills
Cargo CapacityHauls up to 400 lbs total weight
Rear RackUltra-long 26-inch rack
ComfortUpright seated position, ergonomic grips, redesigned forkSaddle might be narrow for long rides with cargo
PerformancePowerful 500-watt motor, responsive torque sensor, 7-speed gear shiftLacks front suspension (consider adding a suspension seat post for off-road riding)
BrakesHydraulic disc brakes for confident stopping
AccessoriesWide variety of cargo carriers, tote bags, and front basket available
Size & StorageMay require extra storage space due to 76-inch length

Overall, the Radio Flyer Flyer Via is a fantastic electric cargo bike for families and individuals who need to haul a lot of stuff. It’s packed with features, offers a comfortable ride, and can handle a variety of terrains. With its exceptional performance and cargo capacity, the Flyer Via redefines what it means to ride together as a family!

Ready to learn more? Check out the Flyer Via on the Radio Flyer website and see all the cargo accessories available


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